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Recycling Update

New legislation requiring operators of materials sorting facilities in Scotland to measure the quality of the recyclable material that they receive and sort has just come into force.

In its guidance, the Scottish Government states: “The “Code of Practice on Sampling and Reporting at Materials Recovery Facilities” requires the operators of material recovery facilities to weigh and sample materials received at the facility and leaving the facility, and identify the composition of the samples with regard to the type of material contained within.

The purpose of the legislation is to introduce clarity and certainty around the quality of recycled materials placed on the market and create the confidence needed to invest in the expansion of Scotland’s reprocessing sector, a sector that will become increasingly important as the drive toward a more efficient use of resources and more sustainable product use and design continues.

One Stop Waste are already meeting these requirements, and everything you can do to ensure that the quality of your recycling remains high will help us in the long-term. Please email us if you would like an up-to-date copy of our free recycling guide.