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With One Stop Waste Solutions as your partner, you will have access to the one of the largest Recycling and Waste Management Facilities in the North East of Scotland.

Year on year our recycling statistics show that we are helping our clients divert more waste from landfill and achieving their Environmental Objectives.

Our Services include:-

Mixed Recycling

Mixed Recycling (Sometimes referred to as Dry Mixed Recycling DMR) you can recycle all your Paper and Packaging ie Cardboard, Plastic Film, Cans, and Plastic Bottles.

This allows a simple one bin solution for all your recycling whether it be in the office or the yard with collection services in both our Wheelie Bin and FEL Collection Service.

General Waste (Residual Waste)

Yes we are even recycling material that you throw away into your General Waste Bin, with access to a dirty 'Materials Recycling Facility' up to 100% is diverted from landfill through Recycling and Waste to Energy

Materials processed and picked for recycling include Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Textiles, Food Waste and Metals.

Office Recycling

From a simple Office Paper Collection through to our Complete Office Recycling Solutions we will work with you to set up a succesful Office Recycling Scheme.

Services range from a Bag or Wheelie Bin Collection through to our FEL Service for larger requirements.

Food and Green Waste Recycling

Working with local composter Keenan Recycling, we arrange for food and green waste to be collected and processed before returning to the land as a certfied PAS100 composted material.

Services are currently carried out through the Wheelie Bin Skip and Ro-Ro Collection Services.

Glass Recycling

Both mixed bottles and jars (any colour) and plate glass can be recycled.

With significant advances in glass recyling technology glass can be automatically sorted by colour and processed into new glass derived products.

We currently collect glass for recycling through the Wheelie Bin and Skip Services.

Construction Waste Recycling

Currently over 80% of Construction Wastes are recycled across the 'Heavy Material Recycling Facility'.

Materials picked and collected include Wood, Plasterboard, Carpets, Aggregates, Subsoils, Stone, Concrete Brick Metal and Plastics.

Waste Wood Recycling

Clean Timber, pallets and MDF are collected and processed and shredded on site. Material is then shipped for recycling as MDF wood products, Biomass Energy Generation or Animal Bedding.

Wood for Recycling is collected through the Skip and Bulk RoRo Service.

Electrical Equipment Recycling

In 2007 the Waste Electrical Equipment and Electronic (WEEE) Directive came into force, with the aim of reducing the amount of WEEE produced and encouraging consumers and businesses reuse and recycle and recover electrical equipment.

We currently offer collection and recycling services for:-

  • IT and Business Equipment ie PC's Monitors, Keyboards, Cables Servere and Photocopiers
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • Domestic / Commercial ie Kettles, Irons, Fridges, Dishwashers
  • Battery Recycling from house hold batteries, all portable batteries to industrial lead acid and lithium batteries

Collection of small volumes can be carried out through our Haz Box Service through to truck and bulk services for larger volumes.

Fluorescent Tube Recycling

With changes in legislation Fluorescent Tubes are considered Hazardous Waste.

We offer a range of container options for the safe rcollection and recycling of Fluorescent Tubes.

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