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Client Testimonials

1. Dolce Vita Flowers: A Not-for-Landfill Florist

Dolce Vita Flowers are an award winning florists with premises in both Aberdeen City and Inverurie in Aberdeenshire.

Before working with One Stop Waste Solutions (OSWS) all of Dolce Vita’s waste was being landfilled.

In September 2015, Dolce Vita came on board with OSWS and agreed to set up a waste management system worthy of special mention and that confirms them as a true “Not-For-Landfill” company:

  1. All ”Green Wastes” like their flower cuttings, stems and stalks; tea bags, used paper towels and any food wastes, are segregated for separate collection to be composted locally. This compost is then used by either local farmers, horticulturalists, landscape gardeners or by domestic markets to help condition the soil of the north east of Scotland and of course grow the flowers, plants and food of tomorrow.
  2. All Cardboard, Paper, Cans/Tins and Plastic (including packaging wastes) are collected as part of a “Mixed Recycling” service. These wastes are then recycled.
  3. All General Wastes are sorted at the One Stop Waste’s facility with a view to further recycling and then the vast majority of any remaining wastes are then put to “Waste To Energy” to be converted into electricity (by incineration) destined for the national grid.

This means that by recycling, composting and waste to energy Dolce Vita Flowers, across both sites, are currently averaging 98% “landfill diversion”!

2. Beetroot Restaurants, Aberdeen

Beetroot Restaurants, founded in 2008, has established something truly special in the heart of Aberdeen. Recently refurbished, The Courtyard provides a relaxed dining experience bringing together the best of seasonal Scottish produce while the homely and highly innovative Adelphi Kitchen offers a unique experience with their on site smoker and barbeque range including their trademark dirty steaks. Eat Beetroot, the outside catering division allows Beetroot Restaurants to take their experience to you and their sister ventures Tippling House and Rye and Soda have added some real culinary and late night class to the city.

How We Helped

One Stop Waste has been working in partnership with Beetroot Restaurants Ltd to achieve 100% waste diversion from landfill.

For each restaurant/venue we firstly conducted a free waste review providing recommendations to management.

Our aim was to implement a system that was as simple, cost effective and comprehensive as possible, taking into consideration current and future governmental waste regulations and best practice.

We proposed our One Stop solution where all waste services are brought together under the one invoice with the one point of contact. These recommendations were agreed upon and implemented with a series of staff training sessions.

We now provide “Mixed Recycling” (Paper/Cardboard, Cans/Tins and clean Plastic) and food waste recycling collections and ensure that all general wastes would first be sorted via our black bag picking station and then any residual wastes are converted into electricity via a Waste to Energy process rather than to landfill.


By implementing this system Beetroot Restaurants have achieved 100% diversion from landfill. Any waste that could not be reused or recycled are now used in the production of sustainable energy, helping reduce the demand for fossil fuels and cut greenshouse gas emissions.

“We are thrilled to be working towards 100% diversion from landfill across our growing portfolio. We see this as further evidence of our commitment not only to great food and dining experiences but to the environment as a whole. ”
Chris Tonner, Managing Director at Beetroot Restaurants

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