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Integrated Solutions

Waste Management Legislation both existing and new represents a continuous challenge to businesses to ensure their waste is being managed properly.These measures are spurring businesses into asking themselves the questions: what are our waste materials, who is dealing with it and what exactly is happening to all of it? Is everything being done correctly to ensure we are meeting our legal obligations? Is there a clear, robust audit trail being created and maintained?

The solution increasingly being adopted by businesses, in response to these issues, is to harness the expertise and capabilities of our Integrated Waste Solutions Service.

Integrated Solutions

Our Integrated Waste Solution Service includes:-

  • A Single Point of Contact for all Services
  • Tailored Environmental Reporting
  • Single Invoicing of Multiple Sites and Services
  • Regular face to face Meetings
  • Regular Site Audits and Setting of Improvement Objectives

Our Existing Clients have benefited from:-

  • Simplified Auditing of Suppliers
  • Reduction in Administration Time
  • Improved Environmental Performance
  • Overall Cost Reductions
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