Take the Pledge

To be part of the Not for Landfill network we ask you to sign up to the following pledge to support the move away from waste disposal and support the prevention, reuse and recycling of waste and move to a circular economy.

The Not for Landfill Pledge

As an organisation we will seek to avoid waste and maximise opportunities for waste prevention, reuse and recycling. We will do this by:

1. Actively seeking to reduce waste and avoid the use of single use items wherever possible.

2. Seek to identify ways to reduce waste associated with the organisations products or services.

3. Seek to find ways to reuse items no longer required by repairing, upcycling or donating.

4. Segregate all recyclable materials including: Metals; Plastics; Glass; Paper and Card

5. Provide food waste recycling where required.

6. Actively monitor quantity of waste arising, amount reused and recycled.

7. Share success and challenges with the wider network

Sign up to the Pledge today and you will benefit by:

• Receiving a ‘Not For Landfill 2025’ certificate and use of our logo to help promote your environmental commitment to all your stakeholders

• Receive invitations to networking events and periodic Newsletters through which we will share best practice and case studies.

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