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You can join the campaign for FREE by signing up your organisation and agreeing to:-

1. Actively Seek ways to avoid waste including Single Use Items and Plastics e.g. Remove, Reduce, Re-use, Repair, Upcycle, Donate, Recycle, Recover.

2. Segregate our key recyclable materials including: Metals; Plastics; Glass; Paper and Card.

3. Where required introduce Food Waste Recycling

4. Re-use, Repair and/or Recycle our Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE waste).

5. To share our story detailing any successes or challenges faced

6. Review and Actively monitor Recycling and Waste Arisings

Sign up to the Pledge today and you will benefit by:

• Receiving a ‘Not For Landfill 2025’ certificate and use of our logo to help promote your environmental commitment to all your stakeholders

• A Free Newsletter with Case Studies, Hints, Tips and Industry Best Practice on reducing waste and costs

• Free events that will bring together Charities, Social Enterprises and Organizations who will share their experiences on how they have met or can assist with the NFL commitments

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