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Vacancy – Waste Chemist

A position has arisen for the position of Waste Chemist, supervising our Special Waste Facility, Collections, Deliveries and Hazardous Waste Services Services

Responsibilities include:-

• To supervise incoming and outgoing Special Waste from our WasteTransfer Station ensuring all paperwork is correct and complete, and maintaining accurate logs and stock of material on site
• To collect/prepare waste samples for Third Party Analysis
• To liase with Third Party’s for Disposal of Hazardous Waste
• To Prenotify S62 paperwork
• To prepare Hazardous Paperwork & Labels
• To advise/liase with Transport Operator on collection/delivery of Hazardous Waste
• Off Site sampling/listing/segregating/ packaging and preparation of Hazardous Waste Loads
• To work to OSW IMS Policy and Procedures (QHSE)

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